Saturday, April 18, 2009

Integration with Moodle

We've been thinking a lot about integrating into Moodle the recording/plaback of a class. Looks like there's an pretty active discussion on this topic (after clicking the link, choose 'login as guest' to view the discussion).

Here's a quote from the discussion

My original post in this thread was more along the lines of providing a unified framework in Moodle that would work on most user's systems that could be used for anything from chat, to collaborative whiteboards, to recording voice messages, to video blogging, to secure video streaming, to full-on VoIP conferencing.

Right on.  To do this, the user needs something to record voice/video (Flash 10 does nicely) and there needs to be a streaming server (red5) to record and playback the A/V.   We've got the A/V components today in BigBlueButton and we're looking at how we best can integrate them into Moodle.