Friday, November 26, 2010

BigBlueButton Extension for Joomla

Blindside Networks has developed a BigBlueButton Extension for Joomla, which is an open source content management system.

The extension, which can be found here, uses the BigBlueButton API to enable Joomla administrators to create and manage on-line meetings rooms to interact with their readers. Using the extension, the administrator can create, join, end and delete meetings, while readers can join meetings through a module located on the frontpage.

We now have BigBlueButton support for both Wordpress and Joomla.

Monday, November 22, 2010

193 Simultaneous Users

Generic Conferencing just held a stress test for BigBlueButton 0.71. In his forum post, Jeremy Thomerson wrote "The more the merrier."

At one point we peaked at 193 simultaneous users. There were 45 users in the voice conference, with one user speaking (the rest were muted). Shortly after 193rd user joined, we tried to upload a new presentation and the server stopped responding.

Earlier, we tried opening as many web cams as possible. We achieve 20 simultaneous web cams in a session.

We're very happy to see BigBlueButton 0.71 support this many users on the server at once.

Keep in mind, we don't recommend to anyone to run BigBlueButton with 193 users in a single room, but to know it's possible was pretty cool.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

BigBlueButton 0.71 is Released

BigBlueButton 0.71 is released.

The biggest changes were in improvements to VoIP, selectable area for desktop sharing, and real-time chat translation using Google Translate. See Release Notes for the details.

You can install 0.71 using packages on Ubuntu 10.04 32-bit/64-bit or download BigBlueButton 0.71 VM.

There is a very determined core group of developers who are committed to constantly improving the quality of this open source project. Our goal is to create the leading open source web conferencing system for distance education.

0.71 is another step towards that goal.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Pressing the BigBlueButton

Fred Dixon, a member of the BigBlueButton development team, recently spoke at the Free Software and Open Source Symposium 2010.

His talk, Pressing the BigBlueButton, explored some of the team's experiences in user interface design, development, testing, packaging, documentation, community, and their plans to create a BigBlueButton Foundation.

A video of the presentation is now available on-line (33 minutes).