Monday, November 14, 2011

Managing webcams the easy way

The upcoming BigBlueButton 0.8-beta-3 is designed to manage multiple webcams by grouping them together into the Video Dock window.

The Video Dock window also let's a user click on any video stream to see a larger version of it alongside the others.

This is what 20 simultaneous webcams look like in BigBlueButton 0.8.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

BBB-Mobile now available on Android Marketplace

The hard working Mconf-Mobile team have announced a beta of their BigBlueButton Android client is now available on the Android Marketplace for download:
We are glad to announce that after 10 months of development we are releasing the first version of BBB-Android and Mconf-Mobile on the official Android marketplace. It's the version 0.4.2, and it comes with many improvements on stability.

BBB-Android is a native Android client for BigBlueButton, and Mconf-Mobile is a mobile client for Mconf (, a BigBlueButton based web conferencing system. Users running the Android client will be able to interact with others by public and private chat messages and audio/video both ways.
If you have an android phone, we encourage you to download their BigBlueButton client, try it out, and give them feedback on their mconf-dev mailing list

Kudos to the Mconf-Mobile team for getting their BigBlueButton client on the Android Marketplace!

Monday, November 7, 2011

BigBlueButton spotted at EDUCAUSE

Scott Siddall, managing director of Longsight, recently showcased BigBlueButton's integration with Sakai at EDUCAUSE 2011.

Longsight is also helping us update the Sakai Meeting Tool to support record and playback (see this post in sakai-dev).

Friday, November 4, 2011

BigBlueButton spotted at MAINEducation Conference

Another BigBlueButton sighting: Stephen Dame from HostBBB recently demonstrated BigBlueButton at the MAINEducation Conference.