Saturday, April 23, 2011

Early days of BigBlueButton

We recently came across this picture of a drawing by Richard Alam made during a presentation on the architecture of BigBlueButton in 2008.

Since then, BigBlueButton has been in active development for over three years, but you can see the familiar pieces of red5, asterisk, pdf2swf and others are still there.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Jeff Miles Reviews BigBlueButton

Jeff Miles recently posted this review of BigBlueButton on his blog. He made lots of good comments on BigBlueButton, but for us this one stood out:
I only ran into a couple problems (audio application freeswitch didn’t install correctly) but the documentation wiki was very helpful in getting those problems resolved. Overall the support resources are excellent.
Writing good documentation isn't easy sometimes, but comments like Jeff's that it worth the effort.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Dean Mantz is happy

Recently Dean Mantz gave a big shout out to the volunteers in the BigBlueButton Setup mailing list for their assistance. Here's an excerpt from his post:
I would like to express my deepest gratitude to those responsible for BBB ... in setting up a brand new server ... I ran into a couple problems. In assisting me, Fred remoted into my Ubuntu server found the issues and had me up and running within 15 advertised!
Therefore, if you are having folks question you why BBB and what type of support will be provided they will be quite pleased to know I would place Fred and the BBB family up against any franchise in the business!!
Thanks Dean! We care about making sure people are successful when using BigBlueButton.